Lot Selection

If you already have a lot selected, we can guide you through the construction loan process. If you have not chosen a location, we can provide you with information on site availability.

Home Design

We carry a full line of home plans by style and size. We also work with several local architects and engineering firms to ensure that your design is tailored to you.

Finish Selection

Once your home plan has been chosen, we will take you through the process of selecting both interior and exterior finishes. We can make recommendations on everything from color schemes to custom cabinetry to compliment your personal taste.


After the plans and finishes are in place, we will begin the actual construction of your new home. We provide full-service general management, which means we are your main contact and will be on the job site on a daily basis. This keeps the project running simply and smoothly.


Your full satisfaction is our goal. Long after you receive the keys to your new home, we will continue to be available to assist you should any future questions or concerns arise.