“Springhetti Custom Homes and Don Springhetti built our 2006 Parade home. We had heard many horror stories from our friends about builders who were not all that they said they were and home projects that turned into nightmares. In spite of this, we felt instantly comfortable with Don. After seeing his work and meeting with him we knew we had found the builder for us. I can say without hesitation or reserve that we would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to build a beautiful home with a builder that will work for THEM and not the subcontractors, a builder who demands near perfection from everyone involved in the process, and a builder who they can trust is not taking kickbacks from suppliers to push their products.”

“Once Don starts to build your home you can rest assured that the only two things he is concerned about is making a beautiful and perfect home, and making the process as painless and stress free as possible for his customers, who he treats like life-long friends.”


Greg and Sharon Duerr

“We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the entire building process we experienced with Springhetti Custom Homes. At the time we began planning and constructing our new home, we had another home being built in Southwest Florida and the two projects were like night and day.”

“Don Springhetti has put together an exceptional group of subcontractors that not only do outstanding work; they work incredibly well together. Our home was in the winter parade, so it had a pretty tight time line for completion. We did not break ground until the first of May on a 7,000 + sq. ft. home, and it was completed and decorated by the end of the following January.”

“During the building period, we spent a great deal of time in Florida overseeing the completion of that project. We felt completely at ease with Springhetti Homes’ ability to build our home according to our specs and the architect’s drawings. Any questions, concerns, or problems that came up were immediately resolved and dealt with in a very efficient and cost effective manner.”

“The time-sensitive documents that Springhetti Homes has put together help the homeowner stay on track with all of the incredibly large number of decisions that need to be made at every stage of the building process. Their monthly detailed reporting of invoices and changes keeps both them and the homeowner in complete communication about where the money is going and how actual costs compare to the budget. Our project came in right on target.”

“The quality and craftsmanship of the work is above any we have seen in the Valley. There was no re-work needed and any callbacks that we did have were handled immediately and professionally.”

“We have been in our home for a year and a half now and love everything about it. We have absolutely no hesitation or qualms about recommending Don and Springhetti Homes to everyone. They are the premier homebuilders in the Fox River Valley.”

Tom and Linda Van Wyk